1) Reprocessing Coke waste generated by integrated steel plants and making them technically and commercially viable for use in secondary steel refining, alloy steel plants and for anode baking furnaces in aluminum smelters.
Estimated landfill saved: ~50,000Tonnes

2) Reprocessing of raw petroleum coke fines used in anode baking furnaces from Aluminum smelters to make them technically feasible for replacement of calcined petroleum coke for carburizing in electric arc furnace and ladle refining furnace.
Estimated cost saved for customers: $1.2 Mn

3) Refining spilled alumina wastes from aluminum smelters to reprocess and synthesize them into refractory grade alumina reducing consumption of WFA, BFA or Bauxite based alumina for brick making.
Estimated landfill saved: ~12,000Tonnes

4) Recycling of Mg0-C used bricks using unique technology to clean, reprocess and reuse them with virgin material to make new MgO-C bricks in partnership with our customers to reduce total cost of ladle operation.
Estimated cost saved for customers: $3 Mn

5) Remodeling our lead manufacturing plant to install 55KWHrof solar panels to use renewable energy instead of power from the grid. Team Raj Ceramics is the first company in the State to adopt renewable energy at a significant investment to ensure long-term sustainability.
Total GHG (CO2) saved: ~1300 Ton